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The Chinese Social Credit system and how it works


Nowadays Chinese system are plenty of admirers, not only regarding the financial sector (not exclusively because its +18,6% GDP in the first 2021 trimester) but also in the political field, indeed a lot of ex-politician, once their institutional experience was over, become consultants or technical assistants for the Chinese Dragon, the last of whom is the former Italian Prime Minister Massimo D’Alema as mentioned by the recent reports.

As far as the civil rights are concerned, however, China is not that much of beacon in spite of the thorough support of its estimators, especially since the economy of the Country is ruled by an intricate and singular system (for how long?). The Social Credit system is a mechanism created by the Chinese government with the goal of developing a national system in order to classify the reputation of its own citizens (it sounds very Orwellian)

Basically, it works this way: to each citizen a score is assigned which represents his own “social credit” based on government owned information, regarding the economical and social condition of every single citizen. How do they get this information? Data are collected thanks to modern technologies through data analysis.

For example

The behaviour on the e commerce sites such as Alibaba (the Chinese Amazon), the offline purchase trends paid through Alipay (the Chinese payment system), social interaction on WeChat, online Baidu chronology (the Chinese Facebook), the mobile position as well as many others factors which can give an all – encompassing idea about the personality of each citizen, they say.

The tracking system is compulsory for every Chinese citizen since 2020.

There is also talk of PENALTIES…

For example: flight ban, exclusion from private schools, slowing of the internet connection, exclusion from high – prestige jobs, no stay at the hotel, flight tickets purchase ban.

In case you are considered trustworthy by the system, instead, you will be rewarded: for example, with easier access to loan, rentals, trips, travel and movement.

Most of the Western public opinion would like to implement this “social control” mechanism, a sort of “social credit”, for example: the recent censorship of alternative media outlets such as “ByoBlu” on the social network like YouTube, or the censoring which groups like Antifa, BLM or  Gauche caviar would like to impose to political pluralism, give us the pulse of certain increasingly dominant “zeitgeist”, pervasive and self-referential in the West, which has always distinguished itself for the defence of liberties.

“To be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.”  (Nelson Mandela)

On the defence of economical, juridical, social but also technological freedoms the future of the West and of the remainders of the Rule of Law heir, to the ancient Roman law and Magna Charta will be decided.